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Portfolio young parents

Rich Media & Video

The portfolio young parents is comprised of a number of informative high-quality websites for (future) mums and dads with a great variety in subjects and themes. The sites contain free information for dads and mums (to be) that is available to them without restrictions. 

Bar a few sites, users can register for extra options such as receiving an e-mail newsletter, participating in the discussion forum, taking part in contests, plus sending in reactions and downloading e-books.

Check out the portfolio for young parents in Flanders here:

Advertising networkGetting Pregnant Pregnancy BirthChildren up to 3 years

has existed since 2006 and is a website for Flemish dads and mums who want to know everything about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and kids up to 3 years of age. Featuring current news, practical information, email newsletters, contests and informative videos.

The forum is used intensively to exchange knowledge and experience between mums.

The Babyplaza website contains the following sections:

Getting pregnant

Babyplaza is supported by pages on Facebook and Google+.

is the reliable source of information for Flemish dads and mums who want to know everything about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and kids up to 3 years of age.

Women who are occupied with this important event in their lives are a very dedicated audience that spend a lot of time finding all sorts of information and products.

The Mamaenmeer website contains the following sections:

Mamaenmeer is supported by pages on TwitterFacebook and Google+.

is the reliable source of information by and for men that are going to be dads or have become fathers to a baby up to three years. provides relevant information about the changes in the partner, the development in the mum and her (unborn) child. Papaworden offers information in the form of (online) tools, products, lots of (parenting) tips, videos and product offers.

The Papaworden website contains the following sections:

Papaworden is supported by pages on Facebook papaworden and Google+.

is the portal of information for future parents. The informative website provides information on all aspects of becoming pregnant, pregnancy and giving birth. The articles provide in-depth information on various topics and links to other websites for more information.

The Babies website contains the following sections:

Babies is supported by pages on Google+.

in an informative website about feeding and raising with information for young parents on recipes and healthy nutrition and games with the baby.

The site provides useful information about starting solid food with children and the games encourage child development. Parents post recipes and games themselves as well.

Babyinfo is supported by pages on Facebook and Google+The Babyinfo website contains the following sections: is an online health magazine especially for women who want to live healthily, are expecting or have become mums. Featuring many interesting articles on:

Leefwijze has a Facebook leefwijze.

Leefwijze is in september 2015 toegevoegd aan het portfolio.

Anticonceptiemethoden.beis an objective overview of different methods of contraception for women and men to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Featured sections include: is the largest website in Flanders for women who want to calculate their period of fertility and delivery date. Besides the fertility calculator there is information available on fertility problems, fertility testing, getting pregnant, pregnancy tips.

On there is a free e-book available to download on getting pregnant. The website contains the following sections: is an informative website on the (in)fertility of men and women. At a fertility test can be done. features the following sections:

At mums and dads who are expecting can guess their estimated delivery date up to 4 weeks before the expected delivery date. If their estimated delivery date is correct, they receive an appropriate gift.

Mums who subscribe reveal their name, email address and their week of pregnancy.

Mums that are registered at Geboortecadeau receive a weekly email with interesting facts about the development of the baby and own body for that specific week.

After delivery, registered mums receive weekly emails with relevant information about the development of the child for another 3 years.

An extra advertising opportunity on geboortecadeau is sponsoring the gift. Gift sponsoring is for a period of 2 months each time. The gift with the sponsor’s name appears on the registration and confirmation page. is a website for mums who are expecting and discusses a wide variety of subjects for pregnant mums and interested dads. includes the following topics: is a Dutch website with information on all aspects of pregnancy and features the following sections:

  • Baby names
  • Becoming pregnant
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Baby
  • Dictionary
  • Pregnancy calendar

Online media


Internet Publishers offers several options for online advertising on websites for young parents in Flanders. In addition to display advertising, there are a variety of online media applications such as content integration, rich media, video and specials such as sampling, test panels and e-book advertising.

Have a look at all online media opportunities below:

Display advertising & text ads

display advertising

Display advertising is a perfectly possibility on all available sites in the network.

Bannering is offered Run of Network (RON), Run of Site (ROS) or targeted by section ‘getting pregnant’, ‘pregnancy’ and ‘children up to 3 years’.

Display advertising generates brand awareness in the period in which future mums are looking for the best products and brands for the children. Adding a ‘call to action’ or a product offer in the banners leads to visits from interested consumers to the website or product page.

Internet Publishers offers all standard IAB size banners on almost all websites.

In addition to the UAP formats

each site can also incorporate in-page units, expandables, over-the-page units, online video and the IAB Rising Star formats. Internet Publishers also provides other special formats on some websites. See Rich Media for these options.

Text ads

Text Link Ads (TLA) are clickable text-based ads combined with a small image or logo. Internet Publishers offers several formats for a number of websites.

Mobile advertising

mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is becoming more and more important with the increase of mobile devices. Some websites account for over 40% of visitors who visit our websites through a tablet or smartphone.

With mobile advertising more personal and personalized interactive advertising becomes possible. Mobile advertising covers a broad range of opportunities.

Internet Publishers’ websites are almost all responsive‘ and suitable for all mobile devices.

Content integration & advertorials

content integration

Many young dads and mums feel insecure and have many questions during and after pregnancy. Articles with relevant and objective information are very valuable for (pregnant) women and young parents.

By the end of pregnancy there is enough time to gather information on a range of relevant subjects. This period is of great importance in acquainting women with different products and brands.

Being read is often more effective than being seen

Advertisers can publish commercial articles (advertorials) in the relevant sections of the websites. Articles of 400-800 words are read well by visitors. The articles can include pictures and links to other websites for offers or online shops.

Articles are posted on our website and must meet the following conditions:

  • unique text (not previously published on the Internet)
  • 400-800 words
  • maximum of 3 outbound links
  • maximum of 2 images of up to 300×300 or 1 video

The articles are featured on the homepage for at least 7 days at home and are then placed in the relevant section without time limit and are an excellent basis for link building and SEO.

Offers or promotions can be added to the article temporarily.

The articles are also posted on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Content integration and display advertising (bannering) are an effective mix to provide reliable information and increase brand awareness.

E-mail marketing

e-mail marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to personally approach young parents with relevant information and offers. The newsletters are sent to selected recipients from the databases.

Targeting is perfectly possible on the basis of – among other attributes – sex, age and post code.

Internet Publishers has an up-to-date opt-in database of email addresses that are registered to the site as (discussion) members, to email newsletters, or as participant in competitions.

The available email opt-in databases include:

  • Pregnant mums obtained through
  • Young mums with child younger than 3 years obtained through
  • Pregnant mums obtained through applications for the e-book ’40 Weeks pregnant’
  • Young mums with babies up to 1 year obtained via the e-book ’48 Weeks’
  • Mommies who downloaded a ticker on babyplaza tickers
  • Participants in competitions

Rich Media & Video

Rich Media Video

In addition to standard Display and video advertising dedicated Rich Media formats are available on a number of websites. This depends on the technical capabilities of the website and the material supplied.

Online video has proven to receive great attention and high click-through rates. Rich media and video receive a great degree of attention. Video can be used for information, instruction, product presentation or offers.

Internet Publishers also offers the possibility to play commercials in video players or video banners.

A lot is possible because all websites are self-developed and our technical team is highly capable.


InPage video opens itself as the visitor scrolls the page. InPageVideo is a user-friendly and high-impact format. High-impact because the video plays full screen in the heart of the content, and user-friendly because the viewer has the choice whether or not to watch the video commercial. Sound only plays on a ‘user-initiated’ basis through a ‘mouseover’.

InPage video can be targeted to the topic, or offered run of site.

Social Media

social media

Internet Publishers also has social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for most websites. Advertising on these social media pages offers additional opportunities to effectively reach the target audience.


Our websites’ Facebook pages are visited by committed and interested consumers. Exactly your target group! Internet Publishers provides as many relevant ‘Likes’ as possible on the relevant Facebook pages that you can reach with offers, articles, photos, events and product sales.

Facebook Mamaenmeer

Facebook Babyplaza
Facebook Babyinfo
Facebook Papaworden


For a number of websites Internet Publishers has a Twitter page with many followers. This specific and interested target group is available for advertisers to reach with relevant Tweets about deals, events and news. Following the motto ‘One tweet a day, keeps the competition away’ Internet Publishers provides an effective reach to the target audience.

Twitter Mamanemeer


Most Internet Publishers websites have a Google+ is definitely complementary to Facebook and has other features that can give advertisers the advantage. Consumers in the ‘circles’ are interested and can be informed of offers, news, events, and other relevant information.

Google+ Babies
Google+ Mamaenmeer
Google+ Papaworden
Google+ Babyplaza
Google+ Babyinfo

E-books for young parents


Internet Publishers publishes e-books for (expectant) mums.

The e-books are free to download from our websites by the target audience, after registration.

The online marketing for the e-book consists of a banner campaign on our websites, posts on our Facebook and Google+ pages, posts on our discussion forums and by email.

The digital edition with the ad is guaranteed at minimum of 3,000 copies.

In each e-book 5 ‘full page’ pages are available for ads. The ad may contain links to a website of choice. On indication the ad can be positioned by any subject in the e-book.

Advertising in the e-book is the perfect targeting of mums.

Previously published e-books:

  • E-book: ’40 Weeks pregnant’
  • E-book: ‘The first 48 weeks of your baby’
  • E-book: ‘Getting pregnant’
  • E-book: ‘Baby foods’ under development

Download a sample copy

Testing panel young mums


Stories and ‘user stories’ of experience experts and peers provide added trustworthiness to product evaluations. A test panel helps to provide independent information to the target audience. Stories by and for young mums.

Internet Publishers organizes test panels for mums who are pregnant or already became mums.

For a product to be tested, Internet Publishers selects a number of mums who meet the specified criteria online via the websites and Social Media and invites them to use the product for free and write about their experiences.

The test mums write two articles on their experiences with the product. The articles are posted on our websites. The test results are also posted on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

In addition to independent information about the products directly to the target audience, the articles also help to build a solid foundation for SEO.

The organization of a Test Panel by Internet Publishers consists of:

  • Recruiting and selecting the agreed number of women within the target group who meet the criteria
  • Banner campaign to support the campaign
  • Collect and possibly edit the articles written by the test panel
  • Publishing articles on the relevant websites and Facebook and Google+ pages

Slaapzakjes van Ergopouch
Medela zoogcompressen

Product in Focus

Product in de kijker

A month-long spotlight on a product. During the ‘Product in Focus’ campaign a product or service is intensively brought to the attention through display advertising and content marketing.

on all sites for four weeks. The ‘Product in Focus’ campaign then results in a file with the product or service as a theme that is available online indefinitely.

The Product in Focus receives extra attention through a banner campaign.

The ‘Product on Stage’ campaign consists of:

  • File with 8 informative articles (450-800 words)
  • 900.000 banner views (50% share of voice) in 4 weeks
  • 4 Social media posts on Facebook and Google+
  • Posting of videos, if available
  • Option to request brochures, membership recruitment …

The ‘Product in Focus’ file is given a special section with a link on the homepage of one of the websites.

This page has room for 2 images and a maximum of 500 words to describe the product with links to the 8 articles in the file. If selected, a video about the product will be posted on the page.

Sampling & Coupons

Sampling & Coupons

In addition to many standard ad features, Internet Publishers offers a number of unique opportunities for advertising and product sales, such as sampling, coupons and page integration. Contact us for more information.

Sampling and Coupons

Some sites offer the option to integrate samples or coupon application forms on the websites and within the relevant sections. The visitor can then directly order products, related to the content, as a free sample or coupon.

Order-page integration

Order pages for products can be integrated in a selection of websites. The integrated ordering pages can be used for magazine subscriptions, participating in a contest, ordering a product or subscribing to a newsletter, among other applications.

Rate card

Internet Publishers offers a range of effective online advertising opportunities for the target audiences of young parents in Flanders (Belgium).

With an extensive and growing portfolio of professional (mobile) websites for young dads and mums, Internet Publishers can support you with advice and service to reach your target audience

Download our rate card here.

Contact us for advertising on the website and integrations/partnerships.

Rate cards portfolio ‘young parents’:

Medium Price Unit
Display advertising UAP (RON) € 20 CPM
Display advertising UAP (ROS) € 22 CPM
Text ads (RON) € 18 CPM
Mobile advertising UAP € 22 CPM
E-mail marketing regular € 80 CPM
E-mail marketing dedicated € 90 CPM
Rich Media & (InPage) Video € 24 CPM
Content integration & advertorials € 495 EACH
E-book advertising € 650 EACH
Social Media € 175 POST
Testpanel young parents € 2.500 CAMPAIGN
Product in the spotlight € 7.400 CAMPAIGN
Sampling & Coupons € 3 CPL

Rates valid from September 1, 2016 and supersedes all previous rate cards.

CPM: Cost per Mille (1.000 impressies)
EACH: each
CAMPAIGN: per campagne
CPL: Cost per Lead

All prices are excluded 21% VAT and excluded commissions.

Terms and conditions

Internet Publishers BVBA uses the following terms and conditions for advertisers and consumers:

Terms and conditions consumers

Terms and conditions advertisers

Internet Publishers adheres to the following codes:

WHO Code

Internet Publishers

online uitgever

Since 2007, Internet Publishers creates, develops and operates successful online marketing concepts for specific target groups that utilize the latest technology and that maximize the potential opportunities of social media.

(Mobile) websites are a source of information for consumers and offer advertisers numerous opportunities to effectively reach the target audiences.

Internet Publishers offers, as online publisher, a variety of online ad formulas for specific audiences in a growing portfolio of professional (mobile) websites and digital magazines for consumers.

With display advertising, content integration, email marketing, video and rich media, visitors of the websites can be effectively reached whether it’s branding or direct response.

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